Konnichiwa (K​)​ninja

by iAreConscious

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I decided to commemorate my first trip to Japan this year by creating a cd to travel with over the waters, consisting of various tracks that I’ve been working with or completed within the last few years. I’m very particular about what I sell to people, it’s been over five years since I’ve put out a physical project, (Neo Retro Spectro Graphiks Vol.1 I made it available for download on Bandcamp.com earlier this year.)

I enjoy purchasing cd’s, examining the art work and reading liner notes. On the occasion that lyrics to songs are included, that makes for an extra special bonus. Sometimes, especially with Hiphop music, you may not hear or understand everything that is being said. I know that’s been the case for me in a number of instances. With this cd I wanted to give you all the words and somewhat of a break down of each song. Insight on the thought process behind the music. I hope that this helps to enhance your listening experience.



released November 16, 2010



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iAreConscious New York, New York

Conscious is an artist of many facets. A lateral thinker that not only contemplates outside of the boxes that society attempts to create for him, but reshapes them to fabricate art in multiple forms.

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Track Name: Ghostly
Didn’t even know what was going down. till the people heard that trumpet sound.

Pocket watches watched us, the whole world clocked us
like sprinters in winter, we runnin outta breath
what’s left when your dignity is washed down the faucet
eventually they bought us, brought us to
the faded end of the margin
us words they treated we like martians
a fueled rebellion, William tell them the answer to the riddle
silence in the thinking chamber
astral plane seemingly insane, but there is no danger
i disappeared for a moment in plain sight
mental mechanic playin games with life
device unmeasured, adulterous pleasures
there are no levers to vote with, hands cut off
the ones you used to use to praise the most with
the ones you used to toast with
if you even had and occasion to do so
eyes wide, like a child’s open upon seeing a new snow
a new revolt came like a jot in the rain
and Ben’s kite, well it never was electrocuted

executed word play, zombie
day we all stand in attention
by the grave of us, be modern day slaves
till we awake and break up out this maze
today’s the day! today’s the bloody day!
Track Name: Fly In My Soup
verse 1
clickin on a stolen mouse pad, must have insurance
smackin hiphop purists
sure this ain’t the best reaction, but er uh uhm
it’s the one i fashion, in this current season
hardly breathing, seeing forward doorward steps
i’m movin up, while the crowd is movin left
there’s a fly in my soup and he’s wearing a suit
just a smaller version of me with more
eyes to see, tiny wings to fly around teh brie
it’s stinks in here, it reeks in here
don’t peek in here less you wanna
lose and eye for an eye
and my tooth is loose
cause some beesh left sweets in the BOOTH! Whoop!

verse 2
numerologists, wit a balled up fist talkin bout her numbers missed, i...
can’t believe the nerve of emcees, lyin about movin bricks, some...
get rich then move to the sticks, once ruled in the streets then turned out snitch, soon
karma enter the room under the new moon have them all diggin a ditch, which
way did he go? him gay or him straight, me don’t care my concern is my Gate
determined to, shake the earth with terms they debate, but
we that create, learn the beauty of mistakes, even still a lake
is where you’ll be resting
Track Name: Jivin ft. Coole High
verse 1
Sand in my hand, is time slippin through fingers
plannin to tan on an is-land where the sun lingers
and i hop step, drop step, killah cross-over
to a liquidfied genre unsober, october born
far from the norm, a scorpion pulse
the mind pole vaults
the rhyme insults the peanut gallery
he’s nuts gottah be, talkin like so
doesn’t he know, we gotta follow codes
hes outtah line, no soup for him
let’em starve, maybe then
he’ll fall into that square slot
nifter get a grip, i got tricks up sleeves
and a spare plot, with a six foot dirt mound adjacent
pet cemetery for a teacher’s pet
when death’s so wrong the reaper wept
for his hand in the works
so cool with the news, they call me cool jerk

you ain’t gonna be satisfied till you’re livin on the other side of life
go ahead, keep on jivin, actin like you don’t care
but you know, you know that ain’t right

verse 2 coole high
shut up with that noise, like loose change
or gold chains, under going electrolysis
crude oil in yah wig to get the damn process going,
flowin like the Euphrates river, especially delivered to yah liver
worst of all like the berlin airshow bad accident, plan stall
or stale trynah bump like braille, lookin all bubbly, Canada Dry
ginger - ale, yah fail in comparison, harrison ford with no hat
gettin smacked to the future in back allies
kept tallies, at pimp rallies
mystical statistics, they say dope, you still get it twisted
missed it by a BOOMbaclot, long shot short range
home on the chrome look strange, crazy deranged
detached from civilization, loaving like bread
cut the ends and serve’em rations
Track Name: The Light (My Inline)
My inline direction is coordinated online with offline suggestion
astral plane parallel questions
answered in sober symposiums sans weapons
revolution is a state of mind
i don’t own nothin, ain’t a state of mine
capital is ether
maybe states of nines
all off the record, feel free to speak your mind
most talk too much to hear the twinkle stars
take a moment, overstand appreciate a beating heart
every situation in life you can learn from it
possibly discern from it
ain’t about being smart
when it rains they're casting for the part of Noah
you can play the part or watch
please watch the boulders, crush’em down to pebbles
ask me if i’m a rebel, then ask me bout bass or treble
i’ll ask you for a place to shovel, got a corpse to bury (a dead marriage)
if they debt you for your carrots, that ain’t healthy
you make too much walk when you walk, that ain’t stealthy
your mind body and soul, out of sync out of control
true definition of unwealthy
Track Name: Hodul (Hustler's Convention Mix)
that’s when a nifter be so upset
he staring at the sun vexed like what you shinnin on me
spy-in on me for, you ain’t the moon goon
no disrespect, but right about now
headed west is your best bet...

do me a favor saber, tuck them k9’s in there
there aint’ no beef in here
you the type to make it hot, bring police in here
then show your true colors
lift up yah yellow belly, then you flee in fear
suffice to say that it’s a beautiful day,
but the night is known for the strays,
aerosmith and wesson make a nifter walk this way
awfully strange, the darkness is plain
the talks are insane, its all in yah mind
peep game, we represent peace on the side
the sun shouts you’re out, on the diamond you die
slide into first, metaphor for you under the dirt
respect the wonder works of moon men, talented gins
that would end what you begin
be easy, be peaceful, bring the easel
so we can paint the treaty
focus on the hopeless as we feed the needy
then we tag the whole planet, with this esoteric graffiti
Track Name: Puter Girl (B.A.N.I.)
with high definition, she defining the aesthetic
athletic, with a southern curve
act like you heard, you will not forget it
eclectic, to say the least shes sweet
and awfully in charge, shes unique
a gift, one would like to sneak a peak
makes me weak every single time
like every single rhyme, devoted to her shine
a shrine constructed to celebrate her likeness
its like this all natural, sans inorganic tools
repair the broken rules of engagement
since before the slaveship leading to the trenches
a war body probably culinary master
design for the palette balance with no apology
i probably dont deserve her
avid channel surfer trynah settle on something to watch
always in time but this chime has never been
concerned with the terms of my watch
besides id rather wear a clock