audio journaling: unkempt

by Ankhle Conscious

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One cure for mediocrity is simple. Do something different, with purpose. A literal audio journal is mostly unheard of in the current scheme of contemporary Hiphop. With trends changing by day, disposable is the music in the eyes of many. What the ‘mainstream’ delivers is often skewed, incapable of reflecting the overall depth the genre covers, namely the sophistication of rapping over beats and the inherent power of words. With audio journaling: unkempt Ankhle Conscious shares unapologetic direct thoughts in unmitigated fashion by way of raw recordings, repurposed audio clips, images and doctored videos.

Headphones specifically are suggested for use (not earbuds) while one explores this digital piece. Its material meant to be consumed straight through, from start to finish then revisited as many times as necessary. One reason Ankhle Conscious opted not to release this project via streaming services is to remain somewhat in control of how the audio is delivered and received. “There aren’t any typical singles” says Conscious. “Only one track is available for listening in full before download.” On “I Give You Aid(s)” produced by CHFWRRN the discussion of an epidemic seemingly forgotten takes place. A charming execution of rhyme is followed by a more serious monologue contemplating the source of the virus that’s claimed the lives of far too many. With production by a number of eclectic soundsmiths (CHFWRRN, Rozay The Martian, DJ Mentplus and others) the soundscape of this journal presents mountains, valleys, alleys and a couple of fire escapes. Very unpredictable.

[Spoiler alert] Southern chef of excess Paula Deen makes an appearance inside the unkempt digital package as her less than convincing video statement of apology is (re)fixed to the tune of Kanye’s West’s SNL “New Slaves” live performance.

A thirst lingers for something off kilter to wear down the industrial strength polish of trivial and mindless riddling engineered during this era that presents an American president in natural black face, remotely maneuvered drones and the early stages of singularity. audio journaling: unkempt is a tonic for cleansing the collective conscious. For some it will be uncomfortable initially, none the less healthy and beneficial for all.

Thanks. #‎creativesneedsupport‬


released October 3, 2013

dubbing produced by Rozay The Martian
semi colon produced Īṃƥɵʂşiƃɭȅ∞Ƞ૦ƫȟįȵğ



all rights reserved


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iAreConscious New York, New York

Conscious is an artist of many facets. A lateral thinker that not only contemplates outside of the boxes that society attempts to create for him, but reshapes them to fabricate art in multiple forms.

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Track Name: dubbing
this ain't Yeezus
never went to college only went to college
there go I thesis
Tonya and Tamika's
low end freq'ers
abuse of the speakers
gathered in the garden
askin for a pardon
passin as a preacher
uncertified teacher
the burden of my sneaker
is leavin footprints
in a dense passed tense
pass tents and rafts
asked if, temps made sense
for the long hall
hall pass for my loyal lads
stand tall
in a room for a whores
doomed to do chores
shrooms for those bored
imagine all the colors
once you set foot on tour
Track Name: semi colon
Talkin over beats that stutter
like that light-skin brother, from Do The Right Thing (ma-ma-Malcom)
They say "get that girl a ring!"
I say, "I'll get that girl a RINK!" Get it? Oh forget it!
Forgotten, I ain't worried about these Hiphop Purists with no world view.
Nigga I drop Jims and Pearls too.
I don't discriminate when droppin bodies.
I might kill you. (With kindness.)
The rhyme best when left to marinate,
sorta like old soul tunes, vibin in the crate
we alive and we grateful it's great,
Somebody teach me how to spell...
I'm sorry I ain't never been locked up,
I don't hang around jail
cells, can't get service out there
and nearly every kite I ever had got lost
ask Ben about dem electrified costs
a penny saved is a penny earned
remember when Penny got burned?
Climb the velvet rope, take your turn...
Climb the velvet rope, take your turn...
Track Name: messin wit my molecules
this beat's messin wit my molecules
so turnt up can't eat solid food
got burnt up at the barbeque
so sun scorched don't know what to do
checkers, chess, no Clue
I'm a champion that can't get in to Sherlocke's home
so based heads can escape the clones, can escape the clones
she takes the poem from off the dome
ingests the proof, digests the truth
regurgitates what she already knew
chunks of data she already blew
got catalogs and catalogs on spindle, like windmills
I tally-up with pencil ain't cryin about what I been thru
I been through, I been throw, I been thrown
niggahs, bitches off the stage
that wasn't rage, that was just my job
my cousin lost his and his home
now ask men about handling chrome
I need aspirin from handlin phones
dog world handling bones, mannequin bones
Track Name: I Give You Aid(s)
No blood, no foul
I need a transfusion
Don't me give aids, unless its magic aids
I got perfect posture at the queer Parade
So who's the blame another needle gone
see my arm its awful swoll,
Not workin out just a lot of holes
I'm addicted to gettin lifted
Gettin high but dont know no physics
Gettin by I wont know my limit
Until I hit it until ive bit it
Love inflicted or charmed by spirit
Savage passion or wreckless habit
Either way I wouldn't pass it...
sober life you can have it
Don't worry me, I can manage
thirty years down the line
Collateral, whats the damage?

Monkeys, Africans, Homosexuals, drug addicts...
You can't make somethin, blame it on some one, some thing some people...
You can't make somethin and try to annihilate, a small, or a segment of the populous and not expect it to trickle down and effect you at some point.
A failed attempt at genocide perhaps? I don't know. I can't tell you, I'm not sure.
It's like crack, cocaine all these things. You think it's not gonna effect you. it's not gonna stay in one little portion of the world that you drop it in. it's gonna effect you.
So AIDS, HIV... they not even talkin bout it no more.
You tell me what's going on. Cuz I damn sure don't know.
Track Name: anchor
I Anchor steadah usin Pyrex
that's why my white costs less
silence is golden
teach at the college of the deaf, dumb and blind
the reason is Riesling, walking on wine
crushing these grapes, on this hidden planet of the apes
message in the music found while digging in the crates
you, missed the jewels
looking for mistakes,
palette all prepped, waiting for a taste
i paint with my hand
her vessel my canvas
i create abstractly, I'm transparent
can you see my heart,
it beats, it speaks, it talks
looking at the beast
it reeks, the leak
it's Narc
Track Name: more blurred lines
i never snorted coke
I've never sold coke
I've been around it
it's been around me
I can't say i haven't bee effected by it
in some ways we all have

damn broke another pen
then i broke another hand
then i gained ten fans
been a minute since they jumped outtah vans on me
ain't put they hands on me
total energy shift, when you recognize your gift
better use that shit
don't abuse that shit
more and more i'm amused by shit
like, talkin to white shirts bout blue collar crime
drones overhead, in the theater of the mind
clowns, silently killin these mimes
trapped by time
every single day, in this life's play
I'm forgettin my lines
no coke to snort, no seeds to abort
takin Monsanto to court, for copyright infringement
how ironic these blurred lines
similar to salt for my wounds
i'd rather some whiskey
we all look alike
coons look shifty
Track Name: starpower jack
she said get with the rc program, the RC Pro AM?
i program games and play them for a livin
tab and makeshift, makin gifs for the children
What you mean by that? I set the scene so they may gleam like that
like so... type holes in yah tissue paper, faker
sweet tooth music lover, Draker
but i ain't mad at Canadians
How old are you? old enough to remember the palladium
old enough to remember the old Yankee stadium
the original snapbacks, throw back. rhinestones on starter caps
we got tapes niggah, and repair kits
Now hear this! We were skatin before Kick push
in case you didn't know
my stream of conscious endless
when breath leaves me i will continue to flow
I will continue to throw rope
let you hang from it
watch the stock plummet
turn tables over like Yeezus, at yah next summit
don't invite me late, this ain't no Hollywood Great Debate
Denzel ain't gonna play me in the bio pick
bio hazard, the eyes have it
but then they manage
times up
time to vanish
Track Name: drownin (bonus)
Don't wanna complain and be ungrateful
but I'm drownin
but I'm drownin
but I'm drownin in here

When I was sixteen I almost died, wrote this song proof I'm still alive
unless I'm dead when you hear this , don't be skittish at the lyrics
i'll always be a spirit so will you, but the woes that the souls goes through
I revel in the levels that I've made it to, no matter how hard life seems, you can make it through
The higher you get you crash harder
but when you get back up, hope you get smarter...
hope you get farther, further explore some sciences that you never heard'ah...
be open minded and you'll find it can ease some pains, in most cases it's us that cause the madness in our own brains
i'll never claim to know it all, but I know this
enlightenment ain't never came by passing judgement
In the public I'm the same as in private
no shows for fame, I'd rather sit in quiet
Track Name: crystals on charge (bonus)
i got crystals on charge baby
then caught a charge like de barge baby
see what you do to me?

i wasn’t using you
it was you that was using me
and now I see...

i got crystals on charge baby
then caught a charge like de barge baby
see what you do to me?

i wasn’t using you
it was you that was using me
and now I grieve

see you done falsified the info
spilled the beans like pinto
ain’t nothin new you been hoe
been broke
convo redundant, remedial
you been slow
long before the crack smoke
years before you had dope

choppin up that Anacin
gay as cooper, Anderson
living in a cloud
no cares. no shame
are proud about the mess you made?
do you realize all the stress you gave
don’t you miss your better dressin days?
having all yah teeth...
now you can’t even chew that beef,
you started
damn, I thought you were smarter

i’m dipped in pain
so, dipped in pain
and I like it, (shit) I love it (damn)