from by FOOL.



i got the figures nigga
i got the math
hope you can add

no wood grain just Palo Santo
smoke look like a belly dancer
more stamps on my passport
got a Jansport, full of answers
no strings so we move freely
i'm me so you can't be me
invisible, so you can't me
like the sun's beaming
sun seeming so tangible
it's not surprising to cross horizons on an off day
no days off for a super hero
real life no cosplay
not devil's advocates for Cosbys
Heathcliff's get spade n neutered
touch my bitch i'll fuckin shoot you
real talk how we maneuver
how we maneuver - in the sewer
c.h.u.d. life - thug life - above the ground
purple light - above the crown
no hands up, no lyin down
just applyin thought - applyin sound


from FOOL., released April 1, 2016



all rights reserved


iAreConscious New York, New York

Conscious is an artist of many facets. A lateral thinker that not only contemplates outside of the boxes that society attempts to create for him, but reshapes them to fabricate art in multiple forms.

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