from by FOOL.



black folk like their cigarettes with medicine in'em
te'llem lights out, i put that con Edison in'em
how you side steppin wisdom on a Saturday
I latter dem saints, rock a halo (even) when you say that we ain't
don't need no peanut niggas to say that we great
it's a dog day, meet you outside of the bank
felons on the creep, like i find what I keep
take your lunch money without holdin the heat
a knuckle sandwich for you man that's ready to snitch
how you got game, ain't never been offah the bench
rookie in the post, that's rag of a paper
be fore president hope, and reefer that's vapor
while i never sold dope, i was aware of the coke
when the crack hit I was too young to sell it
and i'm older than you, the lies the lies
but go head, do what you do, sell pies sell pies



from FOOL., released April 1, 2016



all rights reserved


iAreConscious New York, New York

Conscious is an artist of many facets. A lateral thinker that not only contemplates outside of the boxes that society attempts to create for him, but reshapes them to fabricate art in multiple forms.

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